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Welcome to the S3 Group of companies.

We provide a broad range of sole sourced solutions to multi-industry OEMs, distributors, dealers, and retail.

With deeply rooted values and a passion for sustainable farming practices, our heritage in agriculture is at the heart of our engineering and manufacturing processes. We take pride in pushing the envelope of performance while reducing input and energy costs.

Design &

From initial conceptualizations to a working prototype, our advanced industrial design labs can get your product realized quickly.

Our team is skilled in both mechanical and electrical engineering as well as offering highly-specialized services in areas such as pneumatics. Our world-class design and testing capabilities include computational FEA (finite element analysis) for model, thermal and fluid dynamics, as well as lab and field testing and data collection. At the heart of every industrial design project, we remain focused on efficiency, quality, and the end-user experience.

& production

From small OEM subcomponents to large dealership-ready equipment, we provide a complete range of high-capacity manufacturing solutions.

Our production and manufacturing facilities encompass over 100,000 square feet, and include one of the largest powder coating facilities in Canada. With a focus on efficiency and innovation, our facilities feature some of the most advanced automation and energy-efficient processes available worldwide. With service capabilities spanning a broad range of industries including, agriculture, mining, automotive, defense & aerospace, we take great pride in our reputation and capacity to consistently and reliably deliver.

Branding &

Our in-house team of creative professionals offers complete product and corporate branding solutions that bring growth, ingenuity, and experience to market.

We provide award-winning brand & trademark design, illustrations, product imagery, and the design and production of marketing and training materials including technical writing and publications. With decades of branding and marketing experience, we ensure that your product is well prepared for a bold and credible entrance to market.

S3 branded products & innovations

The S3 Smart Warranty Ownership Protection Program (SWOP) guarantees responsive product replacement for one full year. Applicable to any manufacturing defect or product failure, you have the assurance of no waiting, no worries, no questions… just SWOP it out, It really is that simple.

The S3 Legacy Project recognizes the Five Pillars of Agricultural Stewardship:

  1. Reducing energy consumption
  2. Improving soil health
  3. Safeguarding clean water
  4. Reusing what is already there
  5. Reducing waste

S3’s Reusable, Advanced, Product, Packaging (RAPP) eliminates single-use packaging waste. With durable, product-specific construction, each RAPP platform is easy to use-and re-use. RAPP… for simplicity, durability and the environment.