Our commitment to
sustainable development

…has always been at the heart of who we are.

Welcome to the S3 Legacy Project.

Sustainable development

“The S3 Legacy Project recognizes the incremental improvements in both farming practices and manufacturing that contribute to sustainable farming supported and encouraged by sustainable equipment manufacturing.

Positive, long-term results come from doing the best you can as often as you can. The S3 Legacy Project celebrates those continuous improvements along the way.”

—Richelle Andreas
CEO, S3 Group Ltd.

What is our legacy?

From our roots in agriculture and manufacturing, we know that farmers define “legacy” in a way that is difficult for many to understand, but encapsulates the very essence of sustainable development.

A farmer’s legacy is in leaving the land they were entrusted to steward, better off than when they started. Real, lasting results don’t happen overnight. It takes time, commitment and dedication to continuous improvement.

The five pillars of agricultural stewardship

Each day, better than the last…The S3 Legacy Project is the core of S3’s ESG strategy. At S3, legacy isn’t about the past. Legacy is about creating something better for future generations.

From S3 Group’s early origins in 1966, nearly all aspects of operations have been steeped in the traditional values and integrity that have become known as the Five Pillars of Agricultural Stewardship.

Our people

With over 50% of our staff having a non-English first language, S3 takes great pride in embracing an equal-opportunity, culturally diverse workforce. Our corporate culture fosters a respectful, inclusive, team-focused environment. In growth, we maintain a focus on creating jobs and opportunities of the future, where our high-performing children will aspire to work and grow.

S3 consistently provides weekly earnings that are higher than regional average throughout our facilities and geographic locations. To promote continued personal development, growth and training, S3 offers annual educational assistance benefits to all staff members.

S3 embraces and encourages opportunities to add value and enrichment for employees such as on-site language and communication classes, and many company-sponsored employee events to promote engagement and community interaction.

Products & process

Having business goals focused on long-term success, we are continually improving efficiency both ergonomically and environmentally. Initiatives such as the S3 RAPP program eliminate single use packaging waste.

Focusing on developing products that contribute to sustainable operating practices and reducing our energy consumption, we plan to benchmark scope 1 GHG emissions by the end of 2022.

Community involvement

As a strong, positive community partner in every community we operate, throughout the year, S3 has been involved in many legacy projects including the Janie and Helen Rempel Community Garden and the Frank Rempel Centennial Plaza.

We are active participants and sponsors of many industry and non-profit associations, giving both our time and monitory donations.


At S3, our governance forms a vital aspect of our sustainable growth and development. S3 benefits from an engaged board of directors and strong executive management team. With regular reporting and use of metrics and KPI’s, the S3 executive team fosters continued, sustainable and accountable development.